Cía. Maitane Sarralde


Maitane Sarralde investigates new approaches to bungee dancing and the intrinsic narrative of the dynamics and elements that govern it. Relying on the poetics of the rope and the word, she performs pieces where the bodies move between earth and air; Desªnuda 2022 | Madre Perla 2024


Cía Maitane Sarralde

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Desªnuda is a contemporary and suspended dance show that deals with the knot and surrender to the naked void.
In Desªnuda we find a knotted body in search of the loose end.

Direction: Maitane Sarralde. Acompañamiento artístico: Eneritz Zeberio. Pau Portabella and Roseta Plasencia.
Cast: Maitane Sarralde.
People on tour: 3.
Genre: Dance/ Multidisciplinary.
Language: Spanish/ Basque.
Length: 40 min.
Audience: Suitable for all audiences.