Deabru Beltzak


Symmetry, Displacement, Fire. These three words are the common basis of the Company, each one intimately linked to its culture and history. Proximity in movement: total contact with the audience.



Deabru Beltzak


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Su Danborrak

A show of live music, pyrotechnics and great special effects. With one hand on a drum and the other on the provocation, emerges SU DANBORRAK.

Direction: Garbitxu.
Cast: Zesar A.Ogara, Ruben Sastre, Aitor Villar, Erlatz Eizmendi, Iker Barrientos and Rafa Ariza.
People on tour: 7.
Genre: Theater/  Music.
Language: No text.
Length: 50 min.
Audience: Suitable for all audiences.