La Pez Konpainia


Established in 2005 as a theatre laboratory, it seeks a working method based on games, the merger of various artistic languages and direct communication with the audience, premises that accompany La Pez during its ongoing search.


La Pez Konpainia

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My grandmother wrote and lifted stones in secret. The wounds of our grandmothers are of stone and iron. And now, it is me who goes out to the Square to try to cure them”. Karmele Gisasola (Basque stone lifting champion)

Direction: Iñigo Iraultza.
Cast: Noa García, Karmele Gisasola, Eric Surmenian, and Iñigo Iraultza.
People on tour: 5.
Genre: Multidisciplinary.
Language: Basque/ Spanish.
Duration: 50 min.
Audience: Suitable for all audiences.