Teatro Panta Rhei Antzerkia


Panta Rhei is an artistic-scenic creation and research company. Its Bideart Eszena Zigoitia programme and the organisation of the Festikale festival are particularly noteworthy. It is currently researching the natural environment with its ‘Art and Nature’ project.


Teatro Panta Rhei Antzerkia

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Stellar Bear

The young female bear cub Irdin is alone and abandoned on the path of life. She flees exploring her character and courage in search of a place in the world, a family and a home where she can be happy. She will overcome adversity and face her own inner darkness and fears.

Direction: Emilio de Pinedo.

Cast: Maider Lasa, Unai García, Raúl Jiménez del Río and Urtzi Aristoi.
People on tour: 5.
Genre: Theater / Puppetry.

Language: No text.
Length: 60 min.
Audience: Familiar.