Toni La Sal


The “Txotxongilo bertsolariak” street show arose from a meeting between the puppeteer Antton Bastero, better known as Toni La Sal, and the bertsolari Felipe Zelaieta, both from the Basque Country. (Note: a bertsolari improvises poetry in the Basque language).


Toni la Sal

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Txotxongilo bertsolariak

The bertsolari Felipe was selected to represent the Basque Country at the Bertsolari World Championships. John was his “coach”.

Direction: Antton Bastero.
Cast: Antton Bastero, Felipe Zelaieta and Ane Arostegi.
People on tour: 3.
Género: Theater/ Puppetry.
Language: Basque.
Length: 55 min.
Audience: Suitable for all audiences.